May 23, 2024

Whether you are looking for an ultra-wide screen for your business or home, the Dell P3421W is one of the best displays in its class. This monitor offers a curved WQHD screen with improved cable management and up to 65W power delivery.

Bezel-free display

Whether you’re looking for a new desktop monitor or switching to a laptop, the Dell P3421W bezel-free display is an excellent choice. Its high quality and sleek design will enhance your home or office aesthetics while still meeting your productivity needs. This 27-inch display boasts a 178-degree viewing angle, a 5ms response time, and a hefty 15-pound weight.

The Dell P3421W’s slick back body is mixed with a classy silver stand for the valid power user. The P3421W’s packaging is crafted from at least 75% recycled cardboard for the shopper. Its high-tech features include Dell’s signature PowerNap feature, which allows the monitor to save energy when not in use. The monitor also boasts a hefty price tag for its quality and class.

Plenty of connectivity options

Whether you’re working from home, studying, or playing video games, the Dell P3421W is a great monitor for your needs. It offers a 34-inch widescreen with an IPS panel and is an excellent option for business users. The display delivers a bright visual experience that is perfect for daily use.

The Dell P3421W also features a USB-C connector, which is excellent for daisy-chaining other monitors. It also has a stand with height, swivel, and tilt adjustment, which makes it convenient for work or play.

The P3421W has a very stable stand, but there is a bezel gap when you turn on the screen. This can be a problem if you are using it in portrait mode. You can replace the stand with a VESA mount to better accommodate your needs.

IPS panel

Having a 34 IPS display on your desk is an experience unto itself. The IPS display on the Dell P3421W is undoubtedly the most eye-catching desktop monitor we’ve seen. Not to mention, it’s an excellent way to cut down on clutter around your desk. The curved display is a good fit for any desktop user and is a great way to get a handle on your digital content. A solid bet.

In short, the Dell P3421W is a solid contender. It may be a little overpriced, but it’s an impressive display worth the price tag. Whether you’re looking for a gaming monitor, desktop computer, or home theatre, Dell has a display to meet your needs. The display is a decent-sized unit and can deliver 65W of power.

Pixel transitions

Thanks to Dell’s IPS technology, getting a pixel transition on your monitor has never been easier. The new 34-inch p3421W boasts a wide viewing angle, IPS tech, and extended peripheral vision. Using a Dell-supplied video cable, you can enjoy an immersive viewing experience.

Dell’s factory gamma calibration has you covered, ensuring a smooth greyscale gradient. The company even has a product information sheet with energy labels for the EU. The P3421W is an excellent example of how Dell has applied the same design principles to its other products. Its most prominent features include IPS technology, a wide viewing angle, and a panoramic view. The P3421W is also the latest in Dell’s line of monitors and is available now at an affordable price.

Panel uniformity

Usually, a feature reserved for professional-grade screens, the Dell U3415W offers a screen uniformity feature. The part corrects luminance deviations and color temperature deviations. It can be activated at any brightness level.

The U3415W screen has a light anti-glare (AG) coating that helps prevent unwanted reflections. The layer is similar to those on other modern IPS-type panels. It also offers a wide viewing angle. The bezel is 20mm thick along the bottom of the screen and 10mm along the sides. The front bezel features a silver Dell logo.

The U3415W has a good factory calibration but slightly deviates from the target brightness. 

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