May 23, 2024

Buying Goodyear tires is a good idea if you’re looking for a tire with an extended tread life. This is especially true if you have an off-road vehicle. The tread design can protect your vehicle from rocks and other objects. If you’re looking for a tire designed for all-terrain, you may also want to look for a tire designed to handle water.

Wrangler Utility Package

Whether you have a pickup truck or SUV in the garage, you should consider the benefits of an all-weather tire to keep you safe and secure on the open road. Wrangler AT/S has been designed to provide the best of both worlds, combining the toughness of an off-road tire with the convenience of an on-road tread. The patented asymmetric tread pattern utilizes twin high-tensile steel belts to provide superior grip in all conditions.

Wrangler AT/S tires are also designed to provide good looks and performance. They boast dual self-cleaning Traction Lug Channels and a polyester cord body for a surprisingly lightweight feel. In addition, they feature a multi-faceted symmetric tread design to complement the body. Goodyear has also included tread reinforcement on the outer Dry Zone to ward off water and grime.


Traditionally handcrafted footwear, Goodyear Storm Welt boots create a tight seal between the upper and sole of the shoe. It is a reliable design that provides comfort and durability. It helps protect your feet from the elements.

Charles Goodyear Jr invented the Goodyear method of welting shoes. The technique is a faster and more efficient method of welting shoes than the hand-welted method. However, there are also several other methods. Some ways, such as the storm welt, modify the Goodyear method.

In the Goodyear method, a narrow piece of leather is inserted between the upper and the sole. The upper is then stretched over the last. In addition, a diagonal stitch is used to attach the upper to the insole and outsole.

Taft Jackboot

Using Goodyear welt construction, Taft boots have a premium finish that offers excellent long-term performance. The Goodyear welt provides a durable, water-resistant sole that molds to your foot’s shape.

The leather uppers on Taft shoes are typically box calf, vegetable-tanned hides. The uppers are then burnished and hand-painted to create a unique finish. Artisans in Portugal and Spain make Taft boots.

Whether you’re looking for a classic brown boot or something that will get you through all four seasons, Taft Jack Boot is a good option. The leather lining is buttery soft, adding comfort and durability. The boot’s unique design features leather stitching at the vamp, a leather stacked heel, and a leather sole with rubber inserts.

Taft boots have a unique, rugged look but don’t offer half sizes. They also run a little large.

Strategic shifts

During the past several years, Goodyear has made strategic shifts to strengthen its position in the tire industry. The company has been investing in technology to improve quality, increase productivity and enhance cost containment. It also invests in visionary technologies. These technologies are aimed at establishing new standards of mobility.

In addition to investing in technologies, Goodyear is actively investing in talent. The company has built leadership development programs in domestic and international markets. This strategy is designed to identify high potential leaders and develop them to become future leaders of the organization.

Goodyear uses learning needs analysis to develop leaders to stay ahead of changing market conditions. Goodyear also partners with startups to identify new opportunities and create new ventures.

Tire IQ

Introducing Goodyear Tire IQ, a high-tech tire control system that monitors data from each tire. It is designed to reduce tire maintenance and preservation costs while providing an advanced level of performance control.

The system utilizes electronic chips in each tire. This chip communicates data to a transceiver installed in the wheel well. The data relayed by the chip includes information about the air pressure and temperature of the tire. The transceiver is designed to calculate the recommended tire pressure based on the data.

The Tire IQ display relays tire data in real-time. The display shows the tire’s pressure, temperature, and g-force. In addition, it provides an animation of the vital tire temperature.

Goodyear’s Tire IQ System also informs the driver when the vehicle carries more weight than usual. This alert helps the driver maintain safe speeds.

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