June 20, 2024

How to Make a Fishtail Bracelet With Fingers and a Rainbow Loom

Fishtail Bracelet

There are a few easy steps to make a Fishtail Bracelet. The first step involves starting by attaching the band to your index and middle fingers. Then, you can remove the middle finger section and finish your bracelet design with a clip.

Fishtail Bracelet Step No 1:

To create a fishtail bracelet, you need three rubber bands. Start in the middle of one of your fingers. Then, pull the rubber band to the right. Continue this process until the fishtail is long enough to create a bracelet. You can now fasten it with a clip.

First, decide which colour bands you would like to use. Once you’ve decided, make a neat pile of these colours ready. You’ll be weaving the bracelet faster if you have the colours ready. To start weaving, wrap the first band around your fingers. Put one end of the band around your pointer finger. Next, twist the band into a figure eight, looping the other end over your middle finger. Repeat this step with the second band, leaving a small gap between them.

To finish the bracelet, slide the final band over the two bands on the bottom and right fingers. You can then pull the two bands over each other and secure them with the S clip. Repeat until you’ve finished all the bands. If you’re having trouble with the clasp, try adjusting the rubber bands or adding more rubber bands. If this doesn’t work, try again. You can also fix the rubber bands by putting them back into the loom.

To make a Fishtail Bracelet with fingertip loom bands, you’ll need three bands. One band sits inside the other two, and the other band sits inside the first band. After a while, you’ll have three bands that form a fishtail. Once you’ve completed a fishtail bracelet with your fingers, attach an S clip on the end. You’ll have a beautiful and unique bracelet!

Fishtail Bracelet Step No 2:

A fishtail bracelet can be made without using a loom board. You can make it by wrapping the initial band around two fingers, a pencil, or some other side-by-side peg-like structure. Alternatively, you can use a crochet hook, which will not break like a plastic loom hook.

First, decide which colours you want to use. Separate the bands before beginning the weaving process. Next, twist one of the bands around one of your fingers. Place one end around the pointer finger, then twist the band into a figure-eight, looping the other end over the middle finger. Repeat this step with the second band, leaving a small gap between each band.

You can also use rubber bands. These bands are very stretchy, so it is important to choose the size that fits your wrist. You want the bands to meet just above the wrist. You can adjust the length by adding or removing rubber bands if you need to.

Another fun rainbow loom craft that you can do with your fingers is a fishtail bracelet. This bracelet is a beautiful, simple accessory that you can make in as little as 10 minutes. You can make a fishtail bracelet using all colours of the rainbow, or choose a few colours and alternate them for a colourful look.

Fishtail Bracelet Step No 3:

Start by making a fishtail design with your fingers. Then add bands in order of colour to make a bracelet. Tug at the bracelet to stretch the bands. When you have reached the desired length, you can remove two bands and finish the bracelet. You can now attach an S clip to the last loop of the bracelet.

First, separate the colours into small piles. You can use two or three colours. The first band should be in red and should be the bottom band of your index finger. The next two bands should be orange and yellow. You should leave small spaces between each band. Add another band of the same colour to your bracelet. Repeat this process until you have completed all the colours.

Repeat Step 2 to make a second fishtail bracelet. This time, add an extra band of red and then wrap it around the end of the first. This step makes the fishtail bracelet complete. Depending on the desired look, you can also choose to make two different colour fishtail bracelets. To make one with two colours, double the number of bands.

First, you need to lay out your rainbow loom board so that all the bands are facing downward. Next, use the S or C-shaped clips to make the first band. Next, place the second band on the first peg in the next row. Connect the two bands and the third. Continue this way until your bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist.

Fishtail Bracelet Step No 4.

The first step in making a Fishtail Bracelet with fingers and a Rainbow Loom is to measure your wrist. To get the proper size, wrap a length of string around your wrist and measure it against a ruler. Then, start weaving. If you’d like to make a thicker bracelet, double the number of bands.

Start with a red band. Next, move to the orange and yellow bands. Make sure that the bands are not twisting when they are placed on your fingers. Next, stretch Color B over both fingers without twisting. You can pull both bands through the middle on both sides.

Repeat the step until the desired length is reached. The fishtail should be slightly longer than your wrist, but it should still fit. You may add or remove rubber bands if necessary. Once you’ve reached the desired length, you’re ready to finish the Fishtail Bracelet.

Once you’ve finished making your fishtail bracelet, you may want to add some single bands. You can also add them to a ring or necklace. If you don’t want to use a rainbow loom, you can also make them using rubber bands. Alternatively, you can use a crochet hook instead of a rainbow loom. Just make sure that you use a hook made of metal, as it won’t break like a plastic one.

A rainbow loom fishtail bracelet can add a fashionable touch to your jewellery collection. It’s also easy to make and can be completed in 10 minutes or less. Use two or three colours and alternate them.

Fishtail Bracelet Step No 5

In this step, you will create a fishtail bracelet. First, you will need two bands. One for each finger. Then, twist the bands over the tines of the fork. The result should look like two “8’s” twisted together.

After you’ve sorted out the colours, you will need to separate the bands. This will make the weaving process go faster. Place the first band around your finger and twist it into a figure eight. Next, loop the twisted band over your middle finger. Repeat this process, leaving a small space between each band. Repeat until your bracelet is the desired length. Depending on the width of your wrist, you can adjust the size of the bands to fit.

You can also make fishtail bracelets without using a rainbow loom. You can use plastic “S” or “C” clips to connect the ends of the bands. Once you’ve finished, pull the bands snugly together to prevent gaps. It’s also a good idea to use multiple colours of bands.

You can also use a pencil to make a fishtail bracelet without a rainbow loom. This is a great craft for kids because they can develop their fine motor skills and coordination. They can also improve their social skills by interacting with others.


When making a fishtail bracelet, you need to start by creating a fishtail design that starts in the middle of your fingers. Repeat this design until you reach the desired length. Then, you can remove the middle finger section and finish the bracelet by attaching a small clip.

First, you need to choose a colour for the bracelet. Then, separate the colours into a neat pile. This will make the weaving process faster. Once you have your selected colour, you can start weaving. Make sure to hold the loom sideways or use your fingers to turn it around. If the arrows do not line up, do not worry, this will not affect the finished product. Make sure that you’re comfortable while weaving, as it will speed up the process and help you finish it more quicker.

Another excellent bracelet craft is making fishtails with rubber bands. These are perfect for making key chains, necklaces, or bracelets. If you don’t have a loom board, you can simply wrap two fingers or pencils side by side. You can also use a crochet hook instead of the plastic one. The crochet hook won’t break, unlike the plastic ones that are commonly used for making loom bracelets.

Another colourful way to create fishtail bracelet is by using a Rainbow Loom. Rainbow looms come with coloured bands that you can use to create a colourful rainbow bracelet. You can use all colours of the rainbow to make your bracelet or choose one of your favourite colours. You can make it as complex as you like, or as simple as you like, depending on the colour you choose.

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