June 21, 2024

Racist Carla Waldman Attacked on Facebook

carla waldman

Facebook comments directed at Carla Waldman have been vicious and hateful. They focused on Waldman’s Jewishness, including anti-Semitic comments accompanied by Nazi images. Some of the comments also made references to Palestine. One of the most egregious comments was a death threat, accompanied by a number of Nazi images. One leading Holocaust denier, Paul Fromm, has tweeted his support for Waldman.


Carla Waldman is a retiree from British Columbia who has been accused of racist behavior. Her actions are incredibly unprofessional. She admitted to attacking a young woman who was standing in a parking lot with her child and her mother. The dispute was caught on video, and Waldman now faces possible criminal charges.

The video shows Waldman yelling racial slurs at the Asian woman she approached during a parking dispute. The woman was upset and needed to calm her young child, who was frightened and upset. She used inflammatory racist stereotypes and threatened the woman to leave Canada. The incident was caught on video by a passer-by. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called, but they decided not to file any charges. In the video, Waldman can be seen trying to squeeze into an ill-parked car while yelling a racist tirade.


Racist Carla Waldman was caught on camera during a parking dispute in Richmond, British Columbia. Although the Royal Canadian Mounted Police didn’t pursue criminal charges, she was criticized for her inflammatory racist remarks directed at Asian people. She denies racism and is an advocate of the Jewish State, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The RCMP acknowledged that Waldman’s racist remarks were disturbing, but said that some of the comments made on social media and the internet were “not criminal.” That said, the death threats Waldman received likely included cyberbullying. The Canadian establishment largely avoided the matter, but the incident comes at a time when public attitudes towards immigrants and immigration are on the rise.

Waldman is a retired white woman from Richmond, British Columbia. She is accused of hurling racial slurs at an Asian woman, Amy Xu, while she was driving to her mother’s office. The video was shared on social media, where people commented and questioned Waldman’s motives.


The Richmond, BC woman who is now anti-Semitic is being attacked by some in the online community. Her racist remarks made headlines on a Vancouver-specific Reddit topic, and she has been openly attacked on her Facebook page as well. The comments are particularly strong and have been followed by threats of violence. Many of those who posted comments have called her a “racist,” “anti-Semite,” “anti-Israel,” or “anti-Chinese.”

Although the reactions to the accusations have been mostly negative, the situation has also exposed an increasing anti-China stance in Canadian society. Since the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver last December – a move carried out at the US government’s request – Canadian bilateral relations have been in a sour spot. The retaliatory response from China has turned off many Canadians.


Carla Waldman, a retired white woman, is currently the subject of an investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for her racially-charged tirade, which was caught on camera while she was in a parking dispute with an Asian woman. The police investigation was based on video of her hurling racist slurs at Any Xu, the victim of Waldman’s rant. Waldman, who resides in the Richmond, British Columbia, area, has been accused of antisemitism, although she has defended Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The video of Waldman hurling racial slurs at the Asian woman – Amy Xu – has gone viral on the Internet. Despite her denials of racism, Waldman’s rant triggered a firestorm of public outrage and a fierce debate on whether she is a racist.

The controversy has also been discussed on Reddit and Twitter. Some users have condemned Waldman, while others have expressed their utter disbelief in her racial comments. Fans have also publicly attacked Waldman on her Facebook page.

Ivan Pak

In August, two young Chinese women faced a racist incident at a mall in Richmond, British Columbia. Video taken by one of them captured the incident on her cellphone. Carla Waldman, an elderly white woman, hurled racial insults at Amy Xu, telling her to go back to China.

Amy Xu

In a recent video, Carla Waldman berated an Asian woman in a Richmond parking lot and told her to go back to China. Although Waldman has denied being racist, the incident has caused a lot of controversy. The incident is being investigated by Richmond police. The video has been viewed by over one million people.

In the video, Waldman yells racist insults at Amy Xu, who was driving a car with her three-year-old daughter. Amy Xu captured the incident on her cellphone, which shows a part of the confrontation. The video shows an elderly white woman hurling racist comments at Xu. She also tells Xu to “go back to China.”

Carla Waldman is a white retiree who was caught on camera in Richmond, British Columbia, ranting racist remarks towards an Asian woman. She was not arrested, but police have decided to investigate her. Despite being an opponent of anti-semitism and a vocal supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu, Waldman has been accused of racism in many cases.

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