June 20, 2024
Robert Conrad

Throughout the years, Robert Conrad has been a writer whose works have inspired many readers. His works include the Wild Wild West, Hard Knox, and Juvenile Jungle. He has also written many books that have been adapted into movies.

Early years

During the early years of his career, Robert Conrad had little or no success as a movie actor. Instead, he was a popular commercial spokesman for Eveready Batteries, one of the most successful brands of batteries on the market. Conrad also starred in several made-for-TV movies in the late 1980s. He has also appeared on numerous television programs, including Columbo, Adam-12, and Eddie Schwartz’s All-Night program.

When Conrad was a teenager, he studied at Hyde Park High School in Chicago. He later attended Northwestern University, where he studied theater arts. After graduation, Conrad was encouraged by his agent, Nick Adams, to move to Hollywood. He eventually signed a contract with Warner Bros. and got his first movie work in 1957.

He acted in several made-for-television movies, including Young Dillinger, Palm Springs Weekend, The D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill, and The Wild, Wild West. He also had a nonspeaking role in the 1958 movie Juvenile Jungle.

The Wild Wild West

During the 1960s, Robert Conrad was known for his role as James West, a secret service agent in The Wild Wild West. Robert Conrad played World War II ace, Pappy Boyington, in Baa Baa Black Sheep.
The series was based on a storyline by Gilbert Ralston. Ralston had written numerous episodic television series during the 1950s and 1960s. He told Michael Garrison that he had an idea for a TV series.

He wrote the script for the pilot episode, “The Wild Wild West,” and created characters. He created a secret agent, James West, who was an intelligence officer during the American Civil War. He wore tight clothes and had a strong eye for the ladies. He performed secret missions for President Ulysses S. Grant.

The title “Wild Wild West” in the series was set in the hand-drawn version of the Dolphin font. It was also used in commercial breaks. The title of the series was also set in Barnum font.

Juvenile Jungle

During his career, Robert Conrad was able to appear in a number of television shows and movies. He was most famous for his role as James West in The Wild Wild West. He also appeared as Pasquinel in the mini-series Centennial. His role as James West was a success and he has remained in the public eye for many years. He also starred in two TV reunion movies in which he returned to the role.

Conrad was a very talented actor and he had a great musical career. He released several pop/rock records in the late 1950s. He also performed in several Spanish films. He also had a recording contract with Orfeon in Mexico. He released several singles in Spanish.

Conrad was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father was a teenager, while his mother was a publicist. He attended Hyde Park High School. After school, Conrad ran away from his hometown because he had trouble concentrating.

Hard Knox

Having been a long time fan of the ol’ USMC, I found this flick to be a fun and informative time. It’s not as if I’m the only one. The film is an outing of sorts, with a couple of notable alumni, as well. A couple of the names are worth noting, while some are a bit of a blur.

In short, the film is an interesting look at military life, with the good guys and baddies relegated to the fringes of the fray. It’s worth noting that the film was made in the mid-80s at a snazzy former Shimer College, not to be confused with the aforementioned Shimer. The best part is that it’s a family-friendly affair, a rarity in this day and age. The cost of admission is a mere $3, a bargain for a quality matinee in the making.


During his lifetime, Robert Conrad starred in a number of television shows, movies and a national radio show. He was also famous for his tough-guy persona. He also was a stuntman and singer.
Robert Conrad was born on March 1, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois. His parents were Yager Conrad and Edna Anderson. He was educated at Albion High School. He went on to major in theater at Northwestern University. His family is involved in the entertainment industry.

He has eight children and 18 grandchildren. Robert Conrad was married five times. His first wife was Joan Kenley. He divorced her in 1977. He then married Joan Conrad. They had three children together. Their daughter Nancy Conrad was born in 1954. Their son Shane Conrad was born in 1971.

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