July 14, 2024

Sony Wireless Subwoofer Review


The Sony wireless subwoofer is a powerful addition to your home theater system. Its S-Force Pro Front surrounds sound feature simulates cinema-style surround sound. Its powerful sound produces deep bass notes and is perfect for concerts and live performances. Its slim design makes it easy to transport.

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The Sony HT-S350 wireless subwoofer delivers powerful audio and is easy to set up. The subwoofer features a wireless connection and a woofer driver for deep bass. It also features an S-Force PRO front surround for an immersive movie-going experience. With the built-in wireless subwoofer, this soundbar will provide your home theatre with a cinematic audio experience.

The sound quality of the Sony HT-S350 wireless subwoofer is good for the price. If you’re looking for an affordable TV speaker, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at its excellent bass performance. The Sony HT-S350 has several preset EQs to make your music sound better. However, it’s not quite as impressive as the Sonos Arc, which is a more powerful soundbar and supports Dolby Atmos content.

The Sony HT-S350 is capable of delivering thunderous bass in movie soundtracks. For example, the crash scene in Blade Runner 2049 has several explosions, and the subwoofer delivers an impressively deep bass. You can control the subwoofer’s volume levels on the remote, and the subwoofer also delivers clean dialogue.

The sound quality of the Sony HT-S350 is good overall, but it could be improved. Its bass is powerful and can rattle walls. But the HT-S350 can also be adjusted to a more subdued position. However, some users have noted that the subwoofer doesn’t sound loud enough at maximum levels.

Another flaw of the HT-S350 is the fact that it has limited connectivity. While it does have Bluetooth and HDMI ARC connections, these aren’t ideal. It can’t act as a hub between different devices, and you can’t play music stored on a USB.

The HT-S350 has a nice design. It is a little wide and may not fit between the legs of some 55-inch televisions. However, it isn’t too tall and won’t cover the bottom of the TV. The Sony HT-S350 wireless subwoofer is not too tall and is the size of a desktop PC. In addition to being wireless, this subwoofer pairs with your television wirelessly. Moreover, it can be placed anywhere in your room.

The Sony HT-S350 wireless subwoofer features a powerful wireless subwoofer and front-firing drivers. Its 320W output can bring a cinema-like surround sound into your home. The subwoofer is easy to mount and comes with a wall-mounting guide. However, mounting brackets are not included.

The latency performance of the Sony HT-S350 wireless subwoofer is passable but fairly high. This results in visuals appearing before the audio, and it’s most noticeable when lip-syncing occurs. Depending on the device, some apps and TVs compensate for the latency differently. This soundbar supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity but lacks Apple AirPlay and Full HDMI In ports.


The HT-G700 is a powerful sound bar with a dedicated center speaker and powerful wireless subwoofer. It features advanced Vertical Surround Engine technology and supports up to 7.1.2ch sound. The sound bar also offers multi-sound modes and multiple speakers, including a woofer that can deliver low-frequency sound.

The Sony HT-G700 is a great option for home theaters or large rooms because of its excellent sound quality. Its boomy sound profile makes it a great choice for watching TV shows and movies. It’s loud enough to fill a large room, and the built-in voice enhancer feature makes human voices clear.

It has a dedicated HDMI input, which lets you connect it to your TV or Blu-ray player. It supports the latest home cinema formats, including HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Hybrid Log Gamma. It’s also Bluetooth(r)-enabled, which makes setup a snap.

Another plus of the Sony HT-G700 wireless subwoofer is its size. It spans almost three feet (97 cm) and is suitable for televisions with screens up to 49 inches. It is made from plastic and melamine and features a metallic grille on the bass speaker. The bass port is also covered with a glossy finish, contrasting with the plastic plate. Its size doesn’t make it a problem to fit into a large room, but it won’t fit into tight spaces.

The HT-G700 also features an impressive array of 3D audio features. It also has an HDMI output that supports eARC, which means it can connect to compatible Sony TVs. Bluetooth compatibility means you can wirelessly stream music from your cell phone or another mobile device.

The Sony HT-G700 wireless subwoofer is an excellent choice for medium-sized rooms and works well with Bluetooth music playback. Compared to many similar models in the same price range, the Sony HT-G700 offers a better soundstage and more accurate surround content. With a wireless subwoofer, you’ll no longer need to buy a separate rear speaker for your TV!

The HT-G700 also supports DTS content and does a great job downmixing it. The soundbar can get loud, and thumping is a concern at maximum volume. But it’s worth considering if you’re serious about audio quality.

The soundstage is decent, though it isn’t spectacular. The subwoofer’s vertically stacked speakers will simulate the Atmos experience, while its left and right speakers will downmix content. Compared to dedicated tower speakers, this won’t be as immersive as a rig designed for immersive surround sound.

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