June 20, 2024

For those already planning your summer wardrobe, you might want to look into the latest trends in skirts. These styles range from tennis skirts to ruched minis to knitted and corduroy styles. These trends are here to stay, so just make sure to choose the right one for the season.

Tennis skirts

Tennis skirts are perfect for players looking for practical yet stylish clothing. The high-quality fabric that tennis skirts are made of offers breathability and stretchability, allowing players to move freely on the court. These skirts are also durable and can be worn several times.

Currently, the tennis skirt is having a significant moment. It is all the rage on the social network TikTok and looks great with a crop top and trainers in the summer and an oversized chunky jumper in the fall. The tennis skirt is even dubbed “tennis core” by Miuccia Prada, who sent her models down the runway in swishy tennis skirts.

The modern tennis skirt has evolved from the short-short version worn on the tennis court. Now, more versatile tennis skirts are available, including everyday tennis skirts that are only 15.5 inches long. These skirts are also equipped with internal hem grippers to stay in place. Alala, a famous activewear brand, makes tennis skirts with built-in pockets and SPF 50 protection.

The tennis skirt has become more flattering, with a high-waisted cut that prevents bulging and a stretchy fabric that allows the body to move freely. These skirts come in various prints and colors, and they come in petite, tall, and regular sizes.

The Permit tennis skirt is an excellent example of a tennis skirt that combines function with fashion. This skirt is made of high-quality polyester/spandex blend fabric that is lightweight and breathable. It also features a hidden pocket in the waistband and an elastic waistband. The waistband is also adjustable and features a gusset crotch.

Ruched mini skirts

Ruched mini skirts are a great way to add a feminine touch to an outfit. They can be used independently or as part of a ruched bodycon dress or skirt set. Ruching involves fluting and gathering fabric to create a ripple-like effect. They are also great for creating figure-hugging designs.

Ruched mini skirts will be a big trend in 2022. The style will be flattering to the hips and an excellent choice for hot summer days. They will also be available in low-waist styles. These styles will give you a look reminiscent of the early 2000s. This type of skirt is great for hot days and sultry summer flings.

Tennis skirts are declining, but midi and pencil skirts are coming back in 2022. While the tennis skirt trend is declining, pencil skirts and wrapped golf skirts are coming back. And, despite their decline in popularity, maxi skirts aren’t out of style either.

Ruched mini skirts are a great way to add structure to an outfit. A denim mini with ruffles and pockets will never go out of style, and they are also great for rainy days. Changing your silhouette can completely change your mood. A rosy dusky pink mini dress with ruffles at the bottom creates a chic asymmetric hem.

Corduroy skirts

One of the hottest trends for the fall season is corduroy skirts. These comfy pieces come in rich hues like chocolate and coffee and are perfect for the cooler months. Plus, they’re a fun throwback to the 1970s. Corduroy pants are also great for bringing the look back to life. They have the same iconic straight leg and relaxed thigh as they did then, but they’re made of stretch corduroy, so they won’t bag out.

In addition to the classic corduroy skirt, a mini feather skirt is perfect for after-work drinks or nightclubs. And the only other long skirt in summer 2022 is a classic 90s-style satin skirt. The long length and satin create dramatic depths, and the slit at the front adds a touch of sexiness. These skirts are also perfect for the last-minute flurry of getting ready for an evening out. They’re also available in neutral colorways, which adds classic charm.

As for the rest of the ensemble, COS has a section dedicated to matching sets. The prices are low, and they’re made with eco-friendly materials like organic cotton. You’ll look great with a matching top and bottom while staying cool in the heat. Similarly, a matching set can be paired with a neutral-colored heeled boot for a cool, relaxed vibe.

A skirt with a sexy, equestrian aesthetic is always chic, and this trend is a natural progression from tennis skirts and country club prep. The equestrian look is also great for the fall. And the style is also a great alternative to denim jeans.

Knitted skirts

Knitted summer skirts are a versatile wardrobe staple. They are the perfect choice for the warmer months of the year and can be worn with practically everything. For example, a linen blend midi skirt from Zara with a beautiful embroidery motif is the perfect option for everyday wear. Another option is a mini denim skirt in natural denim, which will look great with gold jewelry and a white tank.

Knitted maxi skirts have an extra-slim cut that’s flattering and modern. Unlike their tiered cousins, they are more wearable in softer, neutral shades. The softer tones in summer look great, especially in natural neutral shades. A sweater or a crochet piece can provide added texture.

Another skirt trend that is set to become popular in the summer of 2022 is the ruched mini skirt. These are an excellent option for summer days because they flatter the hips in a flattering way. Low-waist styles are also a hot trend for summer 2022, and these are perfect for those hot days and sultry summer flings.

Knitted summer skirts will become as versatile as tennis skirts. With pockets in the lining, they’re the perfect choice for the tennis court. Full-length crochet maxi skirts, meanwhile, will add an extra ’70s feel. Their open weave and partial lining will ensure that they stay light. A full-length maxi skirt is also an excellent choice to wear over a bathing suit.

Denim skirts

A denim skirt is versatile clothing worn for daytime and evening events. It pairs well with sneakers or oversized clothing but can be dressed up a little more if you wear heels or off-the-shoulder tops. A long slit is a great denim skirt feature, allowing you to move around quickly.

A denim skirt adds structure to an outfit and is always in style. There are many styles, and the length and shape depend on your body type. Pencil skirts are the most versatile, while ripped denim skirts look edgy. A long, fringed denim skirt is an excellent option for summer 2022.

The denim skirt has been a popular summer fashion staple for years and is still a must-have for warm weather. They go well with just about anything, from body-fit pencil skirts to sexy mini skirts. You can find denim skirts in various styles, so endless options exist.

A denim skirt can be inexpensive or expensive, and the price tag does not indicate quality. Depending on the brand, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7 to $200 for a denim skirt. However, high-end brands can be as much as $200. For those on a tight budget, a cheap denim skirt can be a staple in your wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for a casual or formal outfit, a denim skirt is essential for your summer wardrobe. You can choose from long, cropped, or short denim skirts. No matter what style you prefer, a denim skirt will make you feel gorgeous and fashionable.

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