May 23, 2024

Untitled Kingdom and Piotr Zajac Are Changing the Landscape of Art in Toronto

Untitled Kingdom

Having worked as a designer for almost a decade, I’ve seen how a company can grow. I’ve seen how the artist Thomasos has impacted a company’s growth. I’ve also seen how the artist Piotr Zajac has changed the art landscape in Toronto. Whether through the company’s expansion or its workshops, I’ve seen firsthand how art can be a force to be reckoned with in the city.

Product Development Workshops

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A product development workshop involves the creation of testable concepts that can be validated with end users. It helps to ensure that your solution is on track and meets your desired objectives.

The first step to preparing for a workshop is to set an agenda. This will help you define the workshop’s key deliverables and establish a time frame for the workshop. It can also help you to determine who should attend the workshop. You may want to include clients, development team members, and other relevant stakeholders.

The first thing to consider in a UX design workshop is the creation of user personas. These represent the key characteristics of target user groups. They should be created early in the design process.

Thomasos’ installation at Oakville Galleries

Having spent her early career in New York City, Judith Thomasos left an impressive body of work. Her paintings speak to slavery and the trans-Atlantic slave trade and also talk about the overrepresentation of BIPOC people in prisons. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is in several important public collections. Visits to super-max prisons inspired her work.

Thomasos studied at Yale University and Sheridan College. She received an MFA in 1989. She also received a fellowship from the PEW Foundation and the Bellagio Foundation. Thomasos was also an enrolled member of the Six Nations reserve in Ontario. She has taught alongside Stanley Whitney and Dona Nelson. Her work is included in Emergence From the Shadow: First Peoples’ Photographic Perspectives. Thomasos also participated in Painters 15 at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in North York.

Thomasos’ work has been exhibited in many major international museums. She was a finalist in the Joan Mitchell Award (1998) and the New York Foundation for the Arts Award (2008). She has also received several artist residencies. Thomasos has worked on many Canadian commissions.

Piotr Zajac

Piotr Zajac is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Untitled Kingdom Ltd. He also serves as the President of the Poland Chapter of the Organization of Entrepreneurs. Piotr’s expertise includes mobile apps and web apps, software for hardware devices, and hardware app development. In addition, Piotr is the owner of a greyhound named Argus. He has been featured in TechCrunch and Forbes and has attended SXSW several times.

The untitled Kingdom is a 55-person mobile app development company that has launched over 75 full-scale apps for hardware products. Untitled Kingdom is also the first iOS software house in Poland. It was established in 2009 in Krakow. Since then, it has mastered everything in the iOS industry.

The untitled Kingdom has partnered with international partners to provide digital health solutions to clients. In addition, Untitled Kingdom works with established enterprises to develop their ideas from napkins to MVP. Its employees have a total of 4.5 years of experience. Its clients are treated like family. The untitled Kingdom has developed an atmosphere of transparent communication, community, and fun. It also fosters top-notch feedback sessions and Kudos appreciation practices.

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