July 13, 2024

William Shaner is a World-Class American Sports Shooter

Sports Shooter

William Shaner is a world-class American sports shooter. He has won gold medals in national and international competitions. In 2020, he will represent the United States in the men’s 10-metre air rifle event at the Summer Olympics. In the meantime, he can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

William SHANER Biography

William Shaner is an American sports shooter who competed in national and international competitions. In 2020, he will compete for the United States in the 10-metre air rifle event at the Summer Olympics. His impressive sports shooting skills have helped him earn a gold medal at the Olympic Games. He has a wealth of experience and is a very inspiring role model for other young sports shooters.

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William Shaner Biography: This sports shooter is a member of the National Training Center Shooting Club and is an American sports shooter. He has competed at national and international competitions and won the gold medal in the 10-meter air rifle event at the Summer Olympics.

William SHANER facebook

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William SHANER Instagram

William Shaner is a twenty-year-old Olympian from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He competes in the men’s 10-meter air rifle event and is on the Team USA squad. He began shooting at a young age and has represented his country at numerous international events. He has won multiple medals, including gold and silver, and was recently named to Team USA’s 2020 Summer Olympic team.

Since 2010, William has represented the United States in different competitions. During this time, he has won seven gold medals, one silver and two bronze medals. He works out regularly and keeps his body in tip-top shape to compete in the sport. His family is very supportive and encourages his athletic endeavours.

William SHANER twitter

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sets Olympic record

American sports shooter William Shaner has a gold medal to his credit in the men’s 10-metre air rifle event at the 2020 Summer Olympics. He has already competed in international and national competitions, and his gold medal in this event is a major boost to the sport. But Shaner doesn’t stop there. He’s not only set a world record but he’s also won national and international competitions.

The teen has worked hard his entire life to reach this point. He’s been a member of 4-H, the Junior Olympic Program, and the U.S. National Team. Even his parents were in tears when he made the Olympic team. But they’re now very proud of their son. The record is the first for a U.S. shooter at the Olympics.

The young shooter was born in Colorado Springs. His parents were originally from the Western Slope, where his father learned how to shoot. They later moved to Colorado Springs and raised Will, where he continued to train and compete. His parents were not allowed to accompany him to Tokyo, but they wanted to.

Summer Olympics Bio

William Shaner, a twenty-one-year-old American athlete, is a three-time Olympian and a gold medalist at the Summer Olympics. His medals were in the marathon and the 10,000-meter events in 2016, and he has a silver medal from the 5,000-meter race in 2012. He also won bronze in the 10,000-meter race in 2012 and the 5,000-meter race in 2014. In college, he was an All-American, and his athletic career began with a scholarship to the University of Kentucky. He currently resides in Central Kentucky.

William Shaner was born in 2001 and had been competing for the United States in various competitions since 2010. He was named a gold medal winner in the Men’s Air Rifle event at the 2020 Summer Olympics. This makes him twenty-one years old and a member of the National Training Center Shooting Club. He won the NCAA Rookie of the Year Award and was named to the All-American First Team in air rifle. He also finished second in the NCAA air rifle event. William Shaner has a Snapchat account and a Facebook page.

USA Shooting

William Shaner is a sports shooter from the USA who competes in international and national competitions. He won a gold medal in the 10-metre air rifle event during the 2020 Summer Olympics, and William has also won numerous other national and international awards. Read on to find out more about this American shooter.

William Shaner began shooting sports early, with a 4-H program in Rifle, Colorado. By age 11, he competed in major matches at the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center. By 14, he was already on the Junior National Team and began competing on the international circuit.

William Shaner won gold in the 10m Air Rifle Men event after beating Chinese shooter SHENG Lihao. He also broke an Olympic record with a score of 251.6 points in the final and became the youngest gold medallist in the event. YANG Haoran and Sheng Lihao were the other competitors in the final, but they were left with bronze.


William Shaner is an American sports shooter. He has competed in national and international competitions. In 2020, he will represent the United States in the men’s 10-metre air rifle event at the Summer Olympics. He is a member of Team USA and has won several national and international competitions.

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